Elecso LED Tubes

LED Tubes for General Lighting – Replacement for Fluorescent Tubes
For over 50 years fluorescent tubes have carried the bulk of lighting in offices, factories and public buildings. Everyone knows them and we have adjusted to their disadvantages.

LED tube lights are designed with the latest LED lighting technology and high efficient LED’s  and they are supposed to replace conventional CFLs which are widely used for commercial lighting and residential lighting. Why LED tube lights can replace conventional CFLs? What are the advantages of LED tube lights? LED tube lights feature many advantages when compared to CFLs.

Installing LED tube lamps is a wonderful method to save lots of money on electricity and get potentially
dangerous fluorescent lights from the house or workplace. But, most LED tube lamps available on the market
nowadays cannot merely be immediately installed within an existing fluorescent fitting. You’ll have to
create some easy alterations to the fitting to correctly install the lights. Fortunately that installing
an LED tube mild in a existing fluorescent fitting is comparatively straightforward.

so we are  giving the customers and dealers a complete finished product.  no more modification needed for this

and give our product with 5 years replacement warranty

product available with us

18 W  LED TUBES    ( more luminous  than to 40 W fluorescent tubes  )


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